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Chris at work

Chris at work

Dirt pile

Our new dirt pile!

Today we received a donation for the garden from the Independence Life Preparatory School on Inwood via Annette Beadles.  They were closing down their school garden and offered us an 8×4 bed, along with a yard of soil and two self watering containers.  Vicar Chris, Annette and I emptied the bed into the truck, then laid the frame on top and transported it to Holy Cross where we started our new soil pile that will be used to install the beds in January.

Additionally, there are three mature blackberry plants that we will transplant along the fence.

We’d like to thank Annette and the school for the donations, and let everyone know that we are looking for soil, 2x12x8 or 2x16x8 untreated pine or cedar boards, and of course mulch mulch mulch!  That includes leaves, which you may leave outside the back gate at Holy Cross if you have them.  We will be placing at least one bag of leaves in the bottom of every bed to inoculate the soil and provide nitrogen to the plants, so we will need quite a bit.


Planting a seed…

garden-prep-71.jpgOn November 16th, we started our garden!  We laid down cardboard and mulch to smother the grass where our first raised beds will be located.  and we planted a peach tree.  We are moving forward with budgeting for the garden installation and developing an irrigation plan.

Part of the area that will be used for the garden is covered by a portable classroom building that we will be removing.  If you or someone you know might be interested in this building, either to move or to salvage, please let us know!   The building is approximately 27’x74′, with three rooms that each have an exterior entrance and connecting doors within, and two half baths.  Approximate square footage is 1700.