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Moving forward….

I’m not sure how the rest of you are doing this year, but we have had what feels like the plague in our family over the last six weeks. Flu, stomach virus, strep, and respiratory infections – yes, they’ve all made pit stops at my house.  I think I need to change my address so they can’t find me!

We have been moving forward with the community garden the past few months, and I have plans and photos to share!

We’ve received quite a number of material donations, such as:



Some thanks are in order:

Thanks to Annette Beadles for facilitating this demonstration bed and Gary Barton for helping to get it ready to plant.

Thanks to Kiki Paschall for finding the building materials and getting them moved to Holy Cross using volunteer manpower.

Thanks to Lori Holder’s Dad. Dave Sheffler for purchasing and planting our first fruit tree – it has already bloomed and got hit with the cold weather so I don’t think we’ll see any peaches this year, but it’s doing fine!

We have approached several local hardware stores in search of a garden sponsor, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.  The portable is still available –  the cost to move it is in the area of $15,000, which is to be sure a large sum, however obtaining a 1700 sf building that is wired, plumbed and has heating and air conditioning for that cost is a very good deal.  If you know anyone who might be interested, please contact Chris Holder at for more info.  You can read more about the portable here.

Our next step involves some installation.  We have a congregational workday scheduled for Saturday April 12, and we’d like to get some beds built at that time.  We’ve determined that we need cedar boards that are 8 -10″ high, 4, 8 or 12 feet long, and also 2x2s that we can use as braces in the corners and on the sides of the beds.  If you have any of these laying around, please send them our way!  Note that we cannot use treated lumber as it contains toxic chemicals that may leach into the beds and into the food we will be growing.

More to share later this week as we work on funding!