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Pics of our progress!

SoilGreg CadeBeds3Steve2


Thank you!

We had a great workday on Saturday – got a lot done!  We have 5 beds installed and we planted some of the tomatoes and chard grown from seed by Annette Beadles.  Thanks go out to the following individuals:

Greg and Paula Ferguson

Nicole and Cade Cronin

Steve and Pat Montoux

Chris Holder

Thanks for your hard work!  Pics coming soon!

Finally!! Workday – Saturday May 24th

We’ve had some help lately, and we can see light at the end of the tunnel!  We’ve settled on Green Choice Organics for our soil, and we’ll be moving small loads in every week or so until we get enough beds built to warrant a large pickup load.

The compost we are purchasing from Green Choice Organics is 10% expanded shale to help with water retention, and we’ll be adding a few other ingredients to the beds, to include a bag of leaves in the bottom and some mychorrizae to innoculate the soil with beneficial fungi.

What we will need is manpower.  We need to fill the first few beds – and we are looking to do that the morning of Saturday, May 24th.  Can you help?  We’ll be there by 830 to move beds and get them situated.

Email me at pdpercy AT sbcglobal DOT net  if you can help so we’ll have a head count.  Can’t wait!