Fundraiser for the Garden

We have been so blessed with the growth of our garden! The portable is on the way out (if you haven’t seen it, they’ve removed the skirting and are prepping it for transport).

We now have 12 beds, 5 of which are 4x4s, the rest either 4×10 or 4×12, and all but one 4×4 are currently assigned!  Looks like we really need to expand, and hopefully thCrinum lilyis fundraiser will help us do that.

We’ve been selected by the Gallery at Midtown, which is at Valley View Mall, to be the beneficiary of their Art Walk on Saturday, October 18th. What that means is that we will have a table and provide information on the garden, and we’ll be collecting donations and also selling heirloom crinum lily bulbs. If you would like to help man the table, please shoot me an email – I’ll be there to set up at 5:30pm and we’ll be done at 10p.  If you’d lCrimun bulbike to come help for an hour and then walk around, that works too!  It’s a fun time and the artists are amazing (plus there is food and wine!)

If you haven’t seen the garden lately, stop by and take a look! Fall is the best time for gardening in Texas, and our beds are very happy with the weather!

Happy gardening!



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