Water, water, everywhere….plus classes!

If you’ve been up to see the garden lately, you’ve noticed something missing. Something big.

The second half of the portable is gone, gone, gone! We can now see the garden from Marsh Lane! Unfortunately, the moving process left quite a mess behind, and also broke the water main supplying the garden.

Not to worry! We’ve rigged up a work-around until they can get a plumber out there, and also found a new sprayer than doesn’t soak you every time you use it – bonus!  Just follow the hose and you’ll find the faucet in the preschool playground on the wall.

Also – classes! We want to do a series of short (15 minute) classes on things like:

  • How to make compost tea
  • How to winterize your plot so that you can grow all winter
  • Organic pest control
  • Planting techniques for different vegetables

If you have a topic you’d like to share on, or a specific plant that you are really familiar with and would like to share your techniques, please comment and we’ll get you scheduled!

First class: Saturday Nov 1, 930am in the garden – we’ll be discussing compost tea – how to make it quickly and how to use it to feed your plants. 


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