And then there were 12!

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Yes, 12!  We have 12 beds available in the garden, thanks to an Eagle Scout project and our garden workday on September 20th – just in time for fall planting.

Here are some photos of our day:

collage 1

If you are interested in renting a plot, please contact Trish at for more information.


Community Garden Workday Saturday Sept 20th – Come See Our Progress!

Happy Fall! We are getting ready for fall planting, and have some new beds installed just in time! A big thank you goes out to James Hynes, who completed his Eagle Scout project in support of our garden. James and his crew installed 5 new beds, cleaned out the demonstration bed, moved the leaf pile and created several new compost piles for us. In addition, they cleaned up the area so we could focus on planting – and it looks amazing!

photo 1

New beds just need soil and they’ll be ready for planting!

We currently have 13 beds – 5 4×4, 5 4×12 and three 4×8. Soil will be arriving soon to fill these new beds, so we are planning a garden workday for 7a-11a Saturday, September 20th. We are getting an early start to stay cool. We will have water and tools available – come join us!

photo 4 (1)

Lori Holder working with our Wild Wednesday group

The Holy Cross ESL program started up Wednesday and gave us an opportunity to give the children a tour of our facility to include the garden. We got to sample some chili pequin (hot hot hot) and talked about our plans for the garden.  We can’t wait to get started!


Pics of our progress!

SoilGreg CadeBeds3Steve2

Thank you!

We had a great workday on Saturday – got a lot done!  We have 5 beds installed and we planted some of the tomatoes and chard grown from seed by Annette Beadles.  Thanks go out to the following individuals:

Greg and Paula Ferguson

Nicole and Cade Cronin

Steve and Pat Montoux

Chris Holder

Thanks for your hard work!  Pics coming soon!

Finally!! Workday – Saturday May 24th

We’ve had some help lately, and we can see light at the end of the tunnel!  We’ve settled on Green Choice Organics for our soil, and we’ll be moving small loads in every week or so until we get enough beds built to warrant a large pickup load.

The compost we are purchasing from Green Choice Organics is 10% expanded shale to help with water retention, and we’ll be adding a few other ingredients to the beds, to include a bag of leaves in the bottom and some mychorrizae to innoculate the soil with beneficial fungi.

What we will need is manpower.  We need to fill the first few beds – and we are looking to do that the morning of Saturday, May 24th.  Can you help?  We’ll be there by 830 to move beds and get them situated.

Email me at pdpercy AT sbcglobal DOT net  if you can help so we’ll have a head count.  Can’t wait!

Garden Plot Update!


If you have submitted a plot registration request and a check, you may have noticed that the checks haven’t been cashed yet.  We’ve been waiting until we had more horsepower and were closer to actually being able to plant.  That time is coming up…we’ve received a donation that will cover a load of soil, and have built three beds, with the wood for a fourth sitting waiting for a drill.  Once we cash the checks we’ll have funds for a few more beds, so our initial installation will be completed soon.

I’ll be in touching base with you this week!



There is nothing to compare with yard work for job satisfaction.  My husband likes to mow the lawn, and sometimes we fight over it. I hate cleaning the house, because it seems as if the minute you finish, someone manages to deposit something in a place where it doesn’t belong and collects dust.  Yard work is much more fun.  Standing back and looking at the difference you’ve made in the landscape is the best feeling in the world.

Apr12 2


And we certainly had our fill of it last weekend.  Holy Cross is sparkling!  Chris Holder and I worked with a chain saw for several hours (what fun – thanks to Nigel Smith for the loan) and chopped up the larger tree trimmings by the garden to use as a base for our hugulkulture bed.  Mark Biggs brought his chipper up and dropped it off for us to mulch the smaller pieces.  We had help from church and community members as well as some of our youth, and cleared a large area for community garden expansion.

The chipper blades needed to be sharpened, and we should have them back by next week, when a volunteer crew from Dallas Lutheran will hopefully make short work of the smaller branches.  I like the idea of making our own mulch for the garden…it’s nice to have a closed loop.

We planned to plant the demonstration bed on the 12th but something told me it wasn’t a good idea; the plants ended up in my laundry room during this last bout of cold weather.  They should be in the ground this week.

Next step:  we hope to get a few beds assembled next week with the help of our Beyond My Front Door crew.  Things are growing, and not just the mulch pile. We even have a peach on our tree – updates to follow!